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Student and Professional Membership Application

Become a STUDENT OR PROFESSIONAL member of the International Association of Laryngectomees

STUDENTS: For Undergraduate and Graduate students

PROFESSIONALS: For Speech-Language Pathologists, Physicians, Nurses, Physical Therapists, and other professionals interested in laryngectomee rehabilitation


  • Receive the quarterly IAL Newsletter “The IAL News”
    • Stay in communication with those who have undergone total laryngectomy and use alaryngeal methods of speech
    • Receive updates on new information and advances related to laryngectomee rehabilitation
    • Develop links and networks with other students and professionals throughout the United States and other countries worldwide
    • Expand your knowledge and experience in the area of laryngectomy
    • Foster your interest in this important clinical area of practice
    • Facilitate research

Please contact the IAL with any questions.

 The IAL
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Atlanta, GA 30309


If you prefer to fill out a physical form and either mail it or email it, please click here.

General Information


For Students

For Professionals

Are you interested in IAL Program Development or Laryngectomee Advocacy?

All members receive a membership certificate and membership card upon request.