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The International Association of Laryngectomees (IAL) is a non-profit voluntary organization composed of approximately 60 member clubs and recognized regional organizations.

These clubs are generally known as "Lost Chord" or " New Voice" clubs. Clubs are composed of from 10 to more than 300 Laryngectomees.

The purpose of the IAL is to assist these local clubs in their efforts towards the total rehabilitation of the Laryngectomee.

History of the IAL

The IAL was formed in 1952 by representatives of 13 individual clubs to answer the need for coordinating the activities of the clubs. The purposes of the IAL is to promote and support the total rehabilitation of the Laryngectomee by the exchange of ideas and dissemination of information to member clubs and to the public. To facilitate the formation of new clubs, to foster improvement in Laryngectomee programs, and to improve the minimum standards for teachers of post-Laryngectomee speech.

Member Clubs

To assist the IAL in carrying out its missions member clubs pay annual dues in amounts ranging from $25.00 to $175.00 per year, depending on the size of the club's membership.

In addition Laryngectomees, significant others, speech professionals, and health care professionals who reside in a remote area, or in an area that cannot support an IAL club, may join the IAL as "Members at Large" at an annual dues rate of $10.00.

Finally, the IAL is empowered to authorize "Associate Membership" to suppliers, manufacturers, health care organizations and service companies who provide medical support to Laryngectomees.

Annual dues for Associate Membership is $175.00. Detailed membership information is addressed in the IAL Bylaws.

Important aspects of the current IAL program include:
• The IAL Voice Institute, which trains Laryngectomees and prospective instructors of speech
• The Directory of Instructors of Alaryngeal Speech, which lists individual instructors by state
• The IAL Annual Meeting and Voice Institute
• The promotion of proper first aid procedures for Laryngectomees
• The dissemination of a wide variety of educational material
• The mailing of the IAL NEWS in January, May and September of each year to approximately 30 foreign countries, 9,300 Laryngectomees in the United States, and to all US ENT MD's.

(Note: Several issues of the IAL NEWS are available for viewing and downloading in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format on the Newsletters page.)

According to the current IAL Bylaws, the purposes of the organization are as follows:
1. To stimulate, support and improve the relations among persons who, due to the removal of the larynx because of cancer or other reasons, have lost their natural voices
2. To encourage and maintain an exchange of ideas and methods for learning and teaching alaryngeal methods of communication
3. To improve the understanding of employers about cancer in general and cancer of the larynx in particular, so that laryngectomized persons may retain or obtain employment after surgery.