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Oath of Office

Oath of Office 

for the

Administrative Manager, Officers, Board Members and Employees

of the

International Association of Laryngectomees

Ladies and Gentlemen:

You have just been elected as an Officer, member of the Board of Directors or employed as our Administrative Manager or other staff member by the International Association of Laryngectomees, for a specified term, or contract length.  In this manner, you have been honoured by the affiliated clubs, their delegates and their members, as well as the members of the Board of Directors, for the interest and dedication you have shown in the work of your club, and of the IAL toward the total rehabilitation of laryngectomees everywhere.  At times, your assignment will be difficult and frustrating; at times, enjoyable and elating, your remuneration—negligible.  But you will gain the soul-satisfying feeling of having accomplished something to assist another laryngectomee in his/her search for help in his/her time of need.

Will you therefore, promise to do everything within your power to lend your wisdom, your experience, knowledge, expertise and your sound judgment to accomplishing the aims and objectives of the International Association of Laryngectomees, all the while casting aside your personal ambitions and desires, in the full realization that you shall always be mindful that your conduct at all times reflects directly on the IAL and as such must always remain above reproach?  If so, please say, “I WILL.”  (THE GROUP RESPONDS)

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for your expression of determination to help your fellow laryngectomees, and those yet to come.  We all wish you much success in accepting this important mission.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please greet your new Officers and Directors.