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Why Give to the IAL?

The IAL is a self supporting organization managed by an all-volunteer board of directors. Our major expenses are the IAL News (our free newsletter), The Annual Meeting and Voice Institute, printing and distribution of IAL publications and videos, and the maintenance of the central office. The IAL is a 501c3 organization and all donation are tax deductible.

Annual dues from local laryngectomee clubs comprise about 15% of our income. All other income is derived from donations, vendor advertising, exhibits fees at Annual Meetings, and interest on current assets.

We need a dramatic increase in personal giving – over and above what is listed above – in order for the IAL to continue to fulfill its function of "total laryngectomee rehabilitation", and to increase its service and support to laryngectomees and their families and friends. When your child tells you that a laryngectomee spoke to his/her school about the dangers of tobacco chances are it was an IAL club member.

Now more than ever, the IAL needs your generous financial support.

How to Give

Your gift may be made via your VISA or MasterCard credit card via a Secure SSL connection using Paypal.  Cash or checks can be mailed to:

The International Association of Laryngectomees
Attention: Donation Department
925B Peachtree Street NE, Suite 316
Atlanta, Georgia 30309-3918

"In Memoriam" Gifts
On occasion, when individuals pass away, they ask that donations be sent in their name to the IAL, in lieu of flowers, etc.  When giving in this manner, be sure to note who is making the donation, in whose name the donation is being made, and to whom an acknowledgment should be sent with an address.

"In Honor" Gifts
Gifts can also be given to honor or recognize an individual. When making a dontation in this manner, be sure to note who is making the donation, in whose name the donation is being made, and to whom an acknowledgment should be sent with an address.

Gifts of Stock
Gifts may be made in the form of appreciated shares of stock. For example, suppose you purchased 100 shares of a stock at $10 per share (a base price of $1,000) and it is now trading at $50 a share (a current value of $5,000).  If you transfer those shares to the IAL, your actual cost would be $1,000, but the value of your  donation would be $5,000.

Gifts of Life Insurance
If you own a life insurance policy that you or your family no longer need, it is also an excellent charitable deduction. You can take charitable deductions approximately equal to the cash value at the time of the gift. Any annual premiums which you need to pay in future will also be tax deductible.

Gift Annuities
A charitable gift annuity is similar to a commercial annuity, a contract between an issuer (usually an insurance company) and an individual (the annuitant), in which the issuer agrees to pay a fixed dollar amount to one or more annuitants for life. The charitable gift annuity, however, has one important distinction: the annuity is issued by a charitable institution and involves a charitable gift.

When a donor enters into a charitable gift annuity agreement with the IAL, he or she purchases an annuity and at the same time makes a charitable gift to the IAL. After the lifetime of the donor and any other annuitant, the IAL uses the gift as the donor specifies.

You may name the IAL as a beneficiary in your will for part or all of your assets. In most cases, 10% would not adversely effect your heirs, but it would be a great gift to the IAL.

Associate Members
Associate Memberships are available to businesses and/or individuals in the medical, social, and rehabilitation professions. Associate Membership is $175 a year.
If you have questions or need more information, write or call:

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Atlanta, GA 30309
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