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IAL Club Application

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Club Location

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Meeting Time

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Membership Dues

The number of voting delegates your club can have at a delegates meeting is based on membership. In addition to paying dues, each organization at the beginning of each year must acknowledge and accept in writing the Charter Standards.

Clubs with membership
$25 per year
1 Delegate

Clubs with membership of
$45 per year
2 Delegate

Clubs with membership of
$70 per year
3 Delegate

Clubs with membership of
$90 per year
4 Delegate

Clubs with membership of
$110 per year
5 Delegate

Clubs with membership of
$130 per year
6 Delegate

Clubs with membership of
$175 per year
8 Delegate

Regional Organizations
$175 per year
8 Delegate



Pursuant to Article IV, Section C of the Bylaws of the International Association of Laryngectomees, as adopted August 5, by the membership.

  1. In every case the organization shall be known as "The [name of the organization] with the words "International Association of Laryngectomees" either preceding the name or following the name, with the phrase "Member of" (IAL).
  2. Member organizations shall observe and comply with the provisions of the bylaws of the IAL and with such restrictions as may be made from time to time by the Association’s Board of Directors.
  3. Each member organization shall have and operate under its own bylaws, in so far as they do not conflict with the Bylaws of the IAL.
  4. Each Member organization shall strive to maintain an effective, active program.
  5. Each member organization shall cooperate with the medical profession.
  6. Each member organization shall cooperate with quasi-medical agencies and organizations, whether they be public, private or governmental, if they are able to assist in the total rehabilitation of laryngectomees.
  7. Each member organization shall cooperate with recognized cancer fighting organizations such as the American Cancer Society, in the overall fight against cancer.
  8. Each member organization, whenever possible, shall provide transportation for patients to training centers for the teaching of alaryngeal speech.
  9. Each member organization shall strive for the following committee structure:
    A Professional Advisory Committee
    A Patient Visiting Committee
    A Public Information Committee
    A Rehabilitation Committee


Upon acceptance to the AIL, please download the AIL Membership acknowledgement form, fill it out and return it to the AIL.