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Message for Club Presidents and Treasurers 


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Please Read:

The IAL will be posting a request in the November IAL News Letter for everyone to update their mailing information. Please respond to the IAL with the correct name and address, or you will be dropped from the mailing list. Send your address either by email, phone or US postal service in order to stay on the News Letter mailing list. This is an effort to clean up the one time list we currently have in the IAL office. 

If you have any questions please contact our office at (866) 425-3678.

email your address updates to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

or mail to:



925B Peachtree Street NE

Suite 316

Atlanta, GA 30309-3918




From Jim Flint

My fellow laryngectomee,

Your voice club members may be interested in knowing about books that can assist laryngectomees, that can be downloaded for free.

1. "The Laryngectomee Guide” by I. Brook MD .
Contains practical information on medical, dental and psychological issues, side effects of radiation and chemotherapy; speaking; airway, stoma, and voice prosthesis care, eating, swallowing, and travel.
Free download from
Available also as paperback at:
Dr Brook's other book “My Voice, a physician’s personal experience with throat cancer” is also available on that website.

2. “Self Help for the Laryngectomee” by E. Lauder.
Contained useful information. Very useful to learn esophageal speech. It helps understand becoming and learning to live as a laryngectomee.
Can be downloaded for free at
Available also in paperback from:

3. “Handbook for laryngectomy patients”

Published by the British National Association of Laryngectomee Clubs. Has information about the stoma care and return to normal life. Can be downloaded at

I hope you find these books helpful.

Jim Flint
Laryngectomee since 2003


Wade Hampton

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2014 AM/VI Conference Comments from Buffalo

From the President ...

The International Association of Laryngectomees convened a hugely successful meeting in the Adams Mark Hotel in Buffalo, New York, June 25-29. The IAL board committees held meetings Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to conduct business and determine future plans.

Tuesday evening, emergency medical personnel came in from the local community to learn the proper method to resuscitate neck breathers. The class was enthusiastic and well received.

Wednesday the Voice Institute began teaching Speech Language Pathologist (SLPs), laryngectomees, caregivers and graduate students the knowledge needed for patient rehabilitation and voice restoration.

Wednesday evening the IAL hosted a "Meet and Greet" buffet that allowed the laryngectomees, caregivers, SLPs and graduate student a chance to get to know one another.

Thursday evening featured the WebWhispers banquet. Friday afternoon the IAL hosted a free bus trip to Niagara Falls. Close to 100 people enjoyed the parks on a beautiful afternoon. The Voice Institute participants spent Friday afternoon in a hands-on clinic at Erie County Medical Center, where individual profession help was given. Saturday the technical trainings wrapped up. Annual Meeting raffle winners were announced and the IAL hosted a great banquet and with an evening of fun entertainment.

Thanks to our attendees for becoming new participants and friends. Thanks to the staff for the unparalleled training and care. The meeting creates a gratifying feeling as we help the new laryngectomees. We would also like to say thank you to the returning laryngectomees and associates that have supported the IAL Annual Meeting and Voice Institute year after year.

We invite laryngectomees, caregivers, SLP's and the graduate students to attend the 2015 AM/VI in Towson, Maryland on the northern edge of Baltimore. The dates are from June 10-14, 2015. Come join us to learn and develop the skills to cope with the life of the laryngectomee.

Our website can be found at or (866)425-3678.

Click here to read more from the Voice Institute, the Vendors and the Graduate Students

2015 AM/VI Conference Announced for Baltimore

Join us for the International Association Of Laryngectomees Conference

64rd Annual Meeting
55th Voice Institute

June 10 - 14, 2015

Baltimore, Maryland



Painter and long-time VSC staff
member Dorothy Wiegner at work

A Special Fellowship for Visual Artists Touched by Cancer

Dear Friends,

Please help us spread the word about our Dorothy Wiegner Artist Fellowships. These three fellowships will provide 4-week VSC residencies to outstanding visual artists who are cancer survivors or whose lives have otherwise been directly touched by cancer.

The Dorothy Wiegner Artist Fellowships were established in 1997 by late VSC board chairs Barbara White and Diney Goldsmith in memory of their friend, a painter and long-time VSC staff member. The fellowships support artists whose lives...

Click here to read the rest

 "The Laryngectomee Guide”

"The Laryngectomee Guide”

written by Itzhak Brook MD

Author: Itzhak Brook MD


"The Laryngectomee Guide” written by Itzhak Brook MD, a physician and a laryngecomee is available for free to all IAL members. Dr. Brook is a Professor of Medicine in Georgetown Uniersity and a board member of the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance.
The Guide provides practical information that assist laryngectomees and their caregivers in dealing with medical, dental and psychological issues. It contains information about the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy; the methods of speaking; airway and stoma care, and voice prosthesis. In addition it addresses eating and swallowing issues, medical, dental and psychological concerns, respiration and anesthesia, and travelling as a laryngectomee.
To obtain the Guide click on
A paperback and Kindle Edition are also available through



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Suite 316
Atlanta, Georgia 30309


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